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Cousine Island is a 62-acre intimate petite private island beautifully located in the heart of the inner islands of the Seychelles.

With conservation at the heart of our philosophy and being, Cousine Island promises a nature experience beyond this world as we know it,  authentic discretion and homely comforts. The Island is approximately 5 minutes from Praslin and 20 minutes from Mahe by helicopter and 20 minutes from Praslin and one hour 30 minutes from Mahe by catamaran or yacht.

Once exploited for her fertile soils, our exclusive private island jewel in the Seychelles encapsulates a personalized and intimate adventure, a secluded space of timeless reflection and the ultimate expression of romance and beauty, naturally formed to captivate hearts and connect guests to being present with natures universal source. Cousine Island is a sustainable nature sanctuary for rare native species and guests who see to experience her pulse and magic.

With five villas in total — a compliment of one Presidential Villa and four Luxury Villas, a soulful Pavilion and timeless Ligne St Barth Spa, Cousine Island is the perfect choice for families and friends seeking the ultimate privacy and discretion that a private island should offer. Coupled with personalized and attentive service, our accomplished team are unobtrusively in waiting to ensure guests feel the comforts of being at home.

As dedicated contributors of ecotourism to the Seychelles Islands, our private island honors and is mindful to keep our human footprint as delicate as possible, conscious and aware of our impact to her delicate ecosystem which we hope to instill in the hearts of guests when they leave our magnificent island shores. Guests are invited to discover a fountain of life, where natural healing meets child-like curiosity, where authentic homely comforts meet enduring sustainability, and where ancient knowledge meets the wild unknown. Our hearts desire is that guest will take all that is Cousine Island home with them.

Images courtesy of Cousine Island

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