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In late 2000, a small group of committed individuals decided that there was a serious absence of conservation on the outer islands and atolls especially through the exploitation and degregation of the land due to the copra industry in Seychelles. The future lay in managing the islands sustainably and generating the funds to do this through ecotourism and international conservation partnerships.

On 10 April 2001, Island Conservation Society was legally declared as an NGO under the Registration of Associations Act of Seychelles. The founding trustees were Adrian Skerrett (Chairman), Glenny Savy (Vice Chairman), Gerard Rocamora and Rolph Payet. An MoU between IDC and ICS was drawn up and signed, later to replaced by a formal agreement endorsed by the Ministry of Environment of Seychelles. This agreement establishes a long-term basis for cooperation and assistance between the parties to conserve, restore and enhance island ecosystems and their associated marine environment. Each party remains independent, has its respective responsibilities, but recognises the need to coordinate as a local partnership for the successful delivery of conservation programmes.


They have handled many projects from eradication of invasive species as well as habitat reconstruction to allow native and endemic and endangered species back into their habitat. ICS has continued to develop major conservation projects, produce books and above all manage some of the most important islands of Seychelles . Please visit their website for more information on the Society its members and projects.

Images courtesy of Island Conservation Society

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