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The Seychelles has a high degree of endemism in its flora and fauna; however habitat destruction and the intentional and accidental introduction of invasive alien species has resulted in the contraction of the ranges of many species and the extinction of some. This has given rise to North Island’s most inspirational initiative: to create a safe haven for Seychelles endemic species on the brink of extinction. This project, dubbed the ‘Noah’s Ark’ project, has many facets, but the most important are firstly the removal of invasive alien species and secondly the comprehensive rehabilitation program where the island’s forests are being replanted with native flora and endemic species being re-introduced back onto the island. Since the onset of the Noah’s Ark project in 2002, the island has restored 60ha of native forest and eradicated several invasive species from the island. The island is home to over 100 free-roaming Aldabra Giant Tortoises and is an important nesting ground for the endangered Green Turtle and critically endangered Hawksbill Turtle. Sea turtles have been legally protected in the Seychelles since 1994, and North Island has been monitoring the turtles utilizing the island since 1998. The number of Hawksbill turtles nesting on the beaches of North Island has doubled since the onset of the monitoring project, and the number of Green turtles nesting on the island has increased an incredible seven fold.


North Island is home to four endemic bird species, including the charismatic Seychelles White Eye, which was successfully introduced to the island in 2007. The introduction of the Seychelles White-eye is one of North Island’s success stories, a bird which at one point had a known population of only 25 birds. The island now holds over 150 Seychelles White eyes, the second largest population of this bird in the Seychelles. North Island is hoping to reintroduce another endemic bird species, the Seychelles Magpie Robin, to the island in the next 12 months. 


Conservation and sustainability lie at the very heart of North Island’s philosophy. Our ‘Noah’s Ark’ island rehabilitation project seeks to create a sanctuary for endemic Seychelles’ fauna and flora. By inviting our guests and associates to be involved in our conservation programs we hope to raise awareness of the earth’s fragile ecosystem and the ways in which sustainable travel can lend a helping hand. On North Island luxury lives in perfect harmony with nature, which will touch and inspire at the deepest level.

Images Courtesy of North Island

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