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Seyramics is a small production studio located in the north of Mahe and ran by Mrs Albert. Items are created in small batches and no two items are ever the same thus making the pieces truly one of a kind . Zara Albert potter and owner of Seyramics Studio is Seychelloise. Born and raised in Seychelles until the age of 12 where she went to study in California for 12 years. It was not after many years of returning back to Seychelles that she discovered her love and passion for pottery. Art has always been a big part of her life and she describes living in Seychelles as an abundance of inspiration. Zara is also a fulltime mother of 1. It takes a lot of balancing work life and home life to be on time with orders. The mission of Seyramics is to transport you to a world of mystery right in your home by creating minimalist forever pieces all inspired by the natural flaura and fauna of the Seychelles Island. These forever pieces can be found in a few shops on Mahe such as Concept Studio ++ , Island Thyme & JOUEL.

Images courtesy of Seyramics

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