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CaranaBeach Hotel pioneers a new breed of contemporary boutique accommodation in Seychelles, offering affordable luxury in 40 stylish chalets overlooking a picturesque beach on the northeast coast of Mahé. A reflection of the raw, unprocessed character of Seychelles, CaranaBeach offers a rare proposition: an authentic island experience that pairs luxurious high-end standards with accessible rates.

 This modern and sophisticated property has an ethos and spirit of its own. It breathes a vibrancy and energy that is born of its Seychellois roots and of the passion of those that work devotedly to create an authentic island sanctuary. Designed to accentuate the wild nature of this unique location, the view from every chalet - including 12 pool chalets with private plunge pools -  spills out onto striking blue seas framed by tropical jungle, massive granite pillars and a white-sand beach. Modern twists on traditional island architecture, contemporary ocean-themed décor and a home-grown culture of genuine Seychellois hospitality, all feed into a casual yet chic ambiance for guests to dine, unwind and recharge.

Images courtesy of Carana Beach

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